Many will complain that 2020 was a nuisance of a year.I will have to disagree; During that year, humanity was taught valuable lessons.

The unsupervised use of social media by elderly men without the superintendence of at least one teen withholding a valid TikTok account can have dire consequences for a country.

We thought peaceful coexistence was a utopia. Alas, we were wrong! A revised version of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon has to capture the moment that humanity united embarked on a journey of binge-watching and sourdough crafting.

Meanwhile, we learned that:
Racial injustice has never stopped being a thing that none likes to talk about -but it’s still here.
Men still think they can decide about women’s right to abortion.
Using the right pronouns has become more of a way to be respectful to each other than a dull grammatical chore.



Kaascat - Chrysa Chouliara

Kaascat is the alias of Chrysa Chouliara, illustrator, writer and sculptor from Greece currently living and working​ ​in Switzerland.